Get Touch

The contact with an online casino is made through customer service. The presence of a customer service section ensures the gambling establishment’s trustworthiness. A platform that does not provide customer assistance should be avoided because there is no method to contact the casino in the event of a complaint.

How Does Customer Support Work?

The customer care department is designed to assist players in keeping track of their accounts and navigating the online casino’s restrictions. This service is offered during the gambling establishment’s flexible hours. At Planet Play online casino, for example, customer support can be contacted 24/7.

    How Do I Contact Them?

    To contact the Planet Play online casino, different tools are available to players. These include e-mail, a contact form, a direct chat with an advisor, and a toll-free telephone number. We advise you to use the contact form if you have any problems.

    Planet Play online casino team will answer you as soon as possible.