Lockouts are an exclusive event for just you and your friends or family, which means the public, is “locked out” of the arena! Imagine just your group of friends at Area51 Lasertag from 11PM to 3AM. Lockouts are booked during non-business hours, including daytime or evening and are based upon availability. All Lockouts include unlimited laser tag play during the entire event, choice of laser tag game formats such as team, solo, or other variations. We have two separate sound systems, so you can jam out to your favourite songs in your party rooms and have your epic battle music playing in the arena as you hunt down your friends. Our most popular scheduled times for the Lockouts are Friday & Saturday nights. All participants must be 18+ years of age or accompanied by an adult. Own the night with this exclusive package!


$3500+HSTper person
  • Unlimted laser tag 11PM – 3AM
  • 2 Party Rooms
  • 2 Sound Systems (Arena & Party Rooms)
  • 1 Topping Party Size Pizza
  • 1 Case of water
  • Minimum 20 people